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Policies & Rules of the House

At La Casa Celeste, we strive to make every guest's stay relaxing and enjoyable. In order to do that, we have have the following policies and rules of the house:



Check-in is open between 15:00 - 18:00. If you require an earlier or later check-in, we must be notified in advance of your arrival, and we will let you know if it is possible. The earliest possible check-in is 14:00. The latest possible check-in is 19:00. A valid ID is required for all guests.

A tourist tax of €2 per person per night will also be collected at check-in, in addition to a one-time stamp tax (Marco di Bollo) of €2.

Reservations must be made in advance and payments not made in advance will be collected at check-in. We accept cash, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, VPay, Maestro, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. If you book your stay on this website, you can also pay using PayPal Express. We do NOT accept payment upon check-out. Occasionally, we are able to accommodate same-day bookings depending on room availability and check-in time.



Check-out is promptly at 11:00 am. No exceptions. Please remember to return your room key to the owner or a staff member before exiting the property. Do not leave your key in your room or on the desk in Reception.


La Casa Celeste and the Environment


La Casa Celeste is committed to operating an eco-friendly house, and we have the following conditions in place to conserve water and energy. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.


Room Cleaning

For guests staying more than two nights, you may ask for your room to be cleaned and bath towels to be changed after the third night and every third night thereafter. Simply hang the CLEAN ROOM sign on the outside door handle of your room, or notify the owner during breakfast service. We do not enter guest rooms for cleaning or refreshing without your permission. Bedding will not be changed during the length of your stay except for special circumstances. If you require your room to be cleaned before the third day, please ask (based strictly on availability).



Please switch off all electricity including air-conditioners and fans when you leave your room, and when you are finished using any of our facilities where lights and fans are provided. 

Rules of the House

Borrowing / Removal of Items


Borrowing or removing any item from the house or grounds belonging to La Casa Celeste B&B is strictly forbidden. This includes towels, bedding, glasses, dishes, utensils, books, furniture, or any other item provided to guests for use during their stay. Your reservation will be cancelled and you will be asked to leave without a refund.



Smoking/Vaping is permitted outside only, and only in designated areas. For our guests’ convenience, designated smoking areas include the upper-level balcony and wrap-around balcony, the poolside lounge area, and the ground-level benches on the Eastern side of the house in front of the parking lot. Ashtrays are provided in all designated smoking areas, so please use them to dispose of your cigarette butts. Please be respectful of our non-smoking guests by not smoking too close to them. If we detect any smoking in your room, your card will be charged a fine of €250.



We understand that accidents happen. Please report any broken items or damage to furniture or fixtures in your suite and anywhere on our property as soon as possible so that we may take the necessary steps to repair or replace items quickly for you and upcoming guests. Please note that we reserve the right to charge your card for cost of repairs or replacements if we deem the damage to be outside or normal wear and tear.

After you check out, if there are any items in your room provided by La Casa Celeste, such as hair dryers, towels, pillows, bedding, tea trays, etc., that are missing, your card will be charged a fine of €250. Furthermore, after you check out, if there are any damages to items in your room, to the structure of your room, or to our facilities and grounds caused by you, your card will be charged a fine of €250 and damages in excess of this amount will be charged to your card.

Take-away Foods


It is important that rooms and furnishings remain clean and fresh for the benefit of all guests.  Therefore, please do not bring into, or consume, hot take-away foods in your suite. Spills, crumbs, grease from fried foods can ruin bedding, towels, pillows, as well as attract ants. Guests are always welcome to use the dining areas for take-away meals, and we can provide you with dishes and cutlery upon request. If we detect the consumption of take-away foods in your suite, or any damage to items caused by take-away foods, your card will be charged a fine of €250.



Please do not use bath towels for the swimming pool. Also, please do not remove makeup with rooms towels. If rooms towels are damaged due to makeup removal or uses other than bathing, your card will be charged a fine of €50.



Despite our best efforts to soundproof the house, unfortunately some noise does travel.  We ask that you respect other guests by keeping noise levels to a minimum and not playing music or the TV too loud, especially after 22:00.  If you are departing early in the morning, we ask that you kindly exercise the same courtesy for guests who wish to sleep in.  



Please take care when parking your car so as not to block any parked cars. Please do not park your car rear first. This will prevent headlights shining into our ground-floor guest suite.

Fire Safety & Emergencies

There are three fire extinguishers on the property: one in the upstairs hallway next to the office; one in the downstairs reception area (under the black console table); and, one outside in the outdoor dining area just behind the door to the kitchen.  Please acquaint yourself with the house upon arrival to ensure that you know your escape route in case of an emergency.


If you have an emergency in the night or if the owner is out and you need immediate assistance, please call +39 XXX XXXX. If you have any accessibility issues in the event of an emergency, please let us know on arrival. 


We offer some extras that can be purchased with cash during your stay, and payment for these will be collected at time of service. Coffee, Tea, Juice are always complimentary.

  • Beverages: see our offerings and prices here

  • Laundry: €30 per 5kg load, wash and dry. We do not iron, however you may request use of an ironing board and iron.

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