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A lovely city in the heart of Piedmont


The Province of Asti is located in the heart of Piedmont and the in the south border is Liguria. The hilly territory around the Monferrato that stretches across to a small area of the Langhe, in between of Langhe and Asti, the area is Langa Astigiana, also which is traversed by the river Tanaro. The alternation of gentle hills and valleys create the unique picturesque landscape, endless vineyards that stretch as far as you can see, thus provide a kaleidoscope of shades and tones.

The Province of Asti is the brilliance wine producing area, as well as this is the locality of the Asti Spumante DOCG (sparkling wine), which is well-known and recognized, along with exported all around the world. While the Monferrato provided the wonderful landscapes, the various natural parks reserved their own attractiveness, such as the Rocchetta Tanaro Natural Park, the Special Natural Reserve of the Andona, Botto and Grande Valleys, which extend to the Langa, located on the shores of the Luja stream.

In these wonderful natural scenes arising the towns of medieval origins, such as Canelli, Nizza Monferrato and San Damiano d’Asti, or small but charming medieval villages perched on hills like Moncalvo, Roccaverano and Costigliole. Along the ancient route of the Via Francigena, are still visible medieval churches and abbeys of great charm and the old town of Asti testifies, with its monuments and the golden age of the Asti when it was a free commune (11th to 14th Centuries). The Folkloric events, the local cuisine based on traditional recipes and the local produce are more surprises to delight visitors.

The Asti area is rich in history, tradition and works of art, and should be thoroughly explored. The first stage of any tour must be Asti, one of the most important cities of art in Piedmont and birthplace of Vittorio Alfieri, the famous 18th century poet and dramatist. Asti is a city of 75,000 people located in the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy. The city is just 55 kilometres east of Turin. The old town is picturesque and charming, opening onto the triangular shaped Piazza Alfieri, where the town’s famous Palio (horse race) is staged. Among the architectural landmarks are noble palaces, towers and ancient churches, and the magnificent Gothic Cathedral.

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